Thursday, April 28, 2005

Buying & Selling VoIP Minutes...Termination & Origination Of VoIP Is Big Business

Ok kids...ya'll know about folks like Avaya, SipMedia, Vonnage, Packet8, CallVantage, Voicepulse, Broadvox, Skype, and others. But these guys are getting major competition from lesser known entrepreneurs all over the world. Some run pretty legitimate operations with business and residential clientele. However others appear to be quick score enterprises run from "home" in 3rd world countries. Many of these are small local shops offering callings cards or calling cafes for their region.'s quite a big global business. Some are good...many I'd run from without a glance.

To learn more about this global boom and what's out there (if you're curious)....I suggest lurking around and If anything looks interesting please be careful. This frontiere is reminiscent of the wild and woolly Old West and Gold Rush days. Don't count on a town Sheriff to enforce the law. There really isn't much law. Scams and scammers are pretty common.


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