Monday, April 25, 2005

Adelphia Subscribers To Get The Big Sales Pitch For VoIP?

It's no secret now that cable television systems provider Adelphia Communications is planning to be acquired by Comcast and Time-Warner Cable.

Previously Adelphia had not been offering VoIP (they're not exactly the leading edge innovation types so no real surprise). However, with this deal whichever company acquires Adelphia's local system stands to potentially gain around 5.2 million current Adelphia subscribers for VoIP services. Apparently, the assignments will be meted out according to which local system fits in best with either a nearby Time Warner Cable or Comcast cable systems cluster.

If you’re an Adelphia customer now, be prepared to be absolutely overwhelmed with junk mail, sales calls, emails, and all sorts of VoIP promotional minutia. Especially from Comcast, whose acquisition of millions of existing Adelphia accounts just happens to be running on a parallel track with the rollout and promotion of its new Digital Voice VoIP Services.

Personally, I'm not partial to getting VoIP voice service from either Comcast or Time Warner. There are better choices IMHO. You might want to check out all your options before the big onslaught hits you.

For more info on the merger you should read the Adelphia News Release. Don't say you were warned.


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