Friday, March 04, 2005

VoIP-Blocking Telco Fined - Don't Screw with IP Phone!

Serves 'em right!!!!

The FCC has fined Madison River Communications, a North Carolina telecom holding company, $15,000 for blocking VoIP calls to its customers. Besides paying the fine, the company has agreed to refrain from blocking VoIP traffic and to institute measures to ensure that such interference won't happen again. The FCC action came after Vonage and Nuvio told the FCC that broadband providers are blocking or degrading their VoIP service. Vonage now confirms that Madison River was the broadband provider it complained about. Madison River operates four rural local exchange carriers (RLECs) in the Southeast and Midwest US.

"We saw a problem, and we acted swiftly to ensure that Internet voice service remains a viable option for consumers," outgoing FCC Chairman Michael Powell said in a statement. "The industry must adhere to certain consumer protection norms if the Internet is to remain an open platform for innovation."

For more on the FCC's action against Madison River read the CNET article.


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