Wednesday, March 02, 2005

How To Find The Right VoIP Phone For You

This review at CNET has an extensive comparison and review of a number of different VOIP carriers. It's from a May 2004 article so it's obviously a bit outdated (e.g. Packet8 has E911 now.....Broadvox has implemented the "to come" features).....but still provides some good info and resources about BroadBand Phones. Nice place to start your search.

This table at DSL Reports is updated every week from reviews shared by that Forums members (Telcom industry pros/experts/users/management/sales). These folks are pretty picky & opinionated sometimes but it will give you some interesting insights. Note that providers are only listed if a review has been submitted. So a vendor you may be looking for may not be on the list.

They also have a pretty active VoIP discussion board at DSL Reports. Look past any emotion and zero in on trends.....and factual testimonials of performance, customer support, ease of install, and pricing.

You should also look over the info at the FTC website.

Personally...... I'm partial to Packet8 myself. Although perfect for residential users with a flat rate unlimited package for $19.95 to all of the US & Canada...they're also a particularly good choice for small and medium sized businesses. Especially if the Virtual Office via Hosted PBX is a consideration.


Blogger Robert Nelson said...

Personally I like Net2Phones VOIP which is using a regular phone plugged into a Linksys router and then uses h.s. internet on cable, my plan is prepaid and is only 2 cents a minute if memory serves. Only downside is you don't have a phone number. But compared to 60 minutes for $26 from Qwest for my cell phone, it's a real bargain.

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