Sunday, March 27, 2005

ATT CallVantage Plans To Milk SBC Yahoo! User Base

AT&T Chairman and CEO Dave Dorman gave a speech to the American Enterprise Institute 24 March in which he mentioned the possibility of a merged SBC-AT&T entity harnessing the power and reach of the existing SBC Yahoo! Internet access partnership to sell AT&T’s CallVantage VoIP service.

Dorman was particularly excited about the prospect of CallVantage being marketed to Yahoo’s worldwide base of 166 million registered users.

Seems Dorman envisions a massive marketing campaign (ala Vonnage) to get into the eyes, ears, wallets and pocketbooks of every SBC Yahoo! user on the planet.

Geez....what a concept. Although Vonnage pretty much mastered that technique to create the buzz and perceived "best of show" rep they enjoy (unsupported by reality by the way). CallVantage may as well give it a try as their sales have been piddly compared to their hyped predictions when they bounded out the door not long ago.

Here's a news flash folks. Huge marketing campaigns, hype & buzz associated with them, flashy ads and such, yada yada....don't mean diddley. They don't necessarily translate to a quality product and customer service. Just emotional drivel and entertainment. Kinda like the annual Superbowl ad ritual (although I do enjoy watching some of those....I don't run right out and buy a case of Bud).

I still say you should take a serious look at Packet8...Broadvox and VoicePulse too. ESPECIALLY for business applications. Not just the quality, features, and cutomer service is better....but the pricing too.

Don't be fooled. Step back and do your homework (see the tips previously shared here at Broadband Nation). Otherwise you're just another sucker.

Too blunt? Hey....somebody has to talk straight.


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