Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How To Get A Complete Business Communication Solution...Voice, Video, Data

You can get complete business communication solutions including Tele Health, Managed PBX, Hosted Video, Hosted PBX, Fax Solutions and MORE from a company that prides itself in speedy installations nationwide. YipTel delivers all your Voice, Video, and Data needs safely and reliably from the power of the cloud and quality circuits.

To take advantage of what YipTel can offer your enterprise simply ask at the link below....easy as 1, 2, 3!!

Business Communication Solutions

YipTel is a nationwide leader in business communication solutions who deploys the most secure and reliable technologies that dramatically impact internal and external relationships. Having installed thousands of communication solutions to customers since the 1970s, YipTel is uniquely qualified to design and implement technologies like hosted phone systems, circuits, video conferencing, and SIP Trunks.

YipTel Products and Services

YipTel is a step above the competition and is not another Broadsoft. YipTel provides a higher level of business communications products that deliver powerful Call Recording, Call Center, CRM integration's, Powerful desktop and Mobile applications and is built for custom integration's. YipTel provides unique industry specific solutions for: Banking and Financial, Automotive Dealerships, Government and Municipalities, and many more. The other guys sell phone systems, YipTel provides Business Solutions.

YipTel can deliver solutions from on-premise or hosted from the Cloud. This ability provides you with both delivery methods and the your can choose what is best for your needs.

YipTel also delivers the fastest installation turnarounds in the business with an average of 2-3 weeks for deployments and Emergency 72 hours installations are also available.

Hosted Phone Systems

- Mobility
- Video Conferencing
- Unified Messaging
- Desktop Applications
- Multi-Media Center
- Web Administration
- Multi-site & Remote Worker
- Audio Conferencing

Premise and Managed PBX

- Mobile Applications
- Multi-Site Connectivity
- Call Centers
- Conferencing
- Advanced Reporting
- Disaster Recovery
- Intelligent Routing
- Desktop Applications

Video Solutions

- Seamless Integration
- Social Media Integration
- Safe and Secure
- One-to-One Video Calling
- Video Desktop
- Video Mobile
- Video Voicemail
- Video Conferencing

Call Center Solutions

- Manager Dashboards
- Agent Dashboards
- Advanced Reporting
- Scalable
- Secure

Internet and Data Solutions

- T-1
- Ethernet Over Copper (EoC)
- Fiber Optic
- Business Wireless and Backup
- VPN, Private Line, and MPLS
- Multi Location and Private Cloud

Cloud Solutions

YipTel Cloud

- TeleHealth
- HIPPA Secure
- Video Centric
- YipTel Desktop
- Mobile Applications
- Unified Communications
- Basic Call Center

YipTel Managed PBX

- Premise or Cloud Hosted
- 20 Seats +
- Advanced Call Center
- Call Recording
- Reporting
- MXIE Desktop
- Mobile Applications
- CRM & Custom APP’s

YipTel Basic

- Cisco Phones
- Call Recording
- Reason Codes
- Live Queue Stats
- Reporting
- Dispositions
- Coach, Monitor, Join

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