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How To Get Top Notch Data, MPLS, Hosted, And Managed Services Solutions For Your Business

Telnes offers an alternative to the Mega Carriers as a Nationwide provider of Data, MPLS, Hosted, and Managed Services. The core value points for Telnes center on their commitment to Installation Excellence and support only from Certified Engineers – not Call Center Reps.

What You Should Know About Telnes Broadband

Telnes Broadband’s Hosted Voice Offering, CloudSeats, allows for a pain free conversion from premise to cloud based voice service. CloudSeats include a next generation IP phone, full features, and unlimited long distance as part of the standard offering. All CloudSeats deployments are custom designed to the customer’s needs by a Polycom and Metaswitch certified network engineer. Quality of Service is included as well as part of a bundle with Telnes Internet services to insure the highest call quality available. Telnes’ GeoRedundant Metaswitch Powered Network insures 100% availability to the customer’s voice services in the event of disaster. Advanced options including Mobility, Call Center Applications, Auto Attendants, and Soft Phones make Telnes CloudSeats the complete Hosted solutions for Telarus Partners.

Telnes Broadband is a Managed Network Services Provider. Telnes designs, builds and manages private MPLS networks with access out of more than 10,200 central offices. Telnes Engineering will work with customers and partners to go beyond the “Hub and Spoke” style network to create a true Private Cloud. Cloud Control Network Firewalls and Automatic Failover Services combine to create the Always-On network experience that Telnes is famous for. All MPLS locations are proactively monitored for uptime and performance through LinkWatch, Telnes’ exclusive Cloud Monitoring Platform. LinkWatch portal access is available to customers and partners at no charge. All support for MPLS comes from network engineers – not call center reps with escalations lists, giving enterprise customers the type of high quality support they crave.

Telnes made its name with Telarus with their Managed Internet Access services. Telnes Internet services run over one of the nation’s largest networks utilizing the largest last mile CLECs and ILECs to transfer data traffic to 16+ Points-of- Presences where multiple providers peer for the best traffic routes possible. All of their dedicated Internet access circuits are backed by a full service level guarantee with 24/7 network monitoring from their Network Operations Center. Telnes offers the same network quality as the largest carriers in the nation, but strives to go beyond the MegaCarrier model to provide superior engineering support, monitoring, and the fastest installs in the industry.

Telnes Broadband Products....

* Hosted Voice
* Managed MPLS
* Automatic Failover
* Ethernet over Copper
* Ethernet LITE (Asym EoC)
* Fiber
* Dedicated DSL
* T1 & NxT1
* Integrated Access (PRI & Analog)
* SIP Trunking
* Managed Security
* Network Monitoring

Telnes Broadband Videos

We've put together the following video with more information about the Telnes Broadband channel program and product set.

To take advantage of everything Telnes can do for your business simply request a free quote here....

Data, MPLS, Hosted, And Managed Services Solutions

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