Monday, February 18, 2013

Cell Phone Only Households Going Up...35.8% of Households Now Cell Only

The latest data (pdf) from the The Center for Disease Control (via BGR) indicates that 35.8% of American households no longer have any sort of landline telephone in their homes. What's more, the data indicates that a large chunk of those who still have a landline never use it; 17% say they “received all or almost all calls on wireless telephones despite also having a landline telephone." In other words, almost 50% of american households either no longer have a landline phone, or have one but no longer use it. The CDC collects this data in order to more accurately conduct phone-based polls, since wireless only users tend to skew younger.

Although this trend makes sense it todays wireless environment....there are some who still want a POTS line in their home or business. Here are popular reasons why ....

1. Landline works. Cell phone doesn't inside concrete building.

2. Landline, even on long distance calls from the middle of the pacific ocean, usually is free of static, echo, breaking up of the voice. Of course, this is with a CORDED landline. Cordless phones are pieces of crap.

3. Landline is cheaper than cell phone. Plus, it is regulated in many cases by states PUC and thus those on fixed/low incomes are not suddenly hit with huge price increases. Landline has Lifeline for those on really low incomes.

4. Corded landline does not cause neck and head cancer particularly when used for extended conversations (2-3 hours). Plus, landline has no battery to die when having a long conversation.

5. Landline works during power outages.

6. Landline (corded only) insures privacy (not 100% privacy as nothing affords that but a lot more than cordless/cell phones).

7. Landline (corded only) allows one to pay credit card bills much more quickly and easily and more securely than using the internet.

8. Landline corded phone lasts 10-15 years with no repair needed, no worry about losing it, etc.

9. Corded landlines have NO CRAPPY batteries! One of my two landline phones has an excellent speaker phone in it that does not require batteries. The extreme inconvenience of having to very frequently recharge cell phones is a real putoff. I won't put up with that again. I did it with a cordless phone and never again I hope. It was in no way worth being able walk around (which I can do anyway with a long cord) to have to charge the battery frequently, have it go low battery while in the middle of a major conversation, struggling with constant corrosion of the battery contact terminals, etc.

10. 911 works during a power outage.

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Cell Phone Or POTS?

No matter what your preference (or why) .... you can search and compare providers of both cell phone and landline phones here.

Cell and landline phones

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