Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who Is Ernest Communications?

Ernest Communications, Inc. is the nation's largest telecommunications company dedicated exclusively to serving large multi-location accounts throughout the U.S. As a certified local phone company, Ernest is the only local telephone company that can serve and manage 100% of your multi-location telecommunications needs. Some may come close in coverage but is that the core competency and mission of their company? At Ernest, there is only one market. Nationwide Multi-Location Accounts.

Ernest Communications, Inc. was incorporated in 1997, though its roots in telecom go back to 1984, when Joseph Ernest founded Ernest Telecom, a company devoted to the design and manufacture of printed circuitry for public communications equipment. Paul Masters joined Ernest Telecom in 1992, and over the course of five years held various sales leadership and senior management positions before becoming President in 1996.

Coincidentally, The Telecommunications Act was signed into law in 1996, the first major overhaul to telecommunications law in more than a half century. The groundbreaking legislation was aimed at spurring innovative technology for telecom consumers by allowing all qualified companies access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Recognizing the opportunity to gain access to the country’s nearly 200 million local lines, Mr. Ernest and Mr. Masters co-founded Ernest Communications, Inc. and the Company quickly became one of the nation's largest telecommunications companies dedicated exclusively to serving multi-location businesses throughout the U.S., building its reputation on 100% network coverage, incredibly simple, yet comprehensive billing, and unsurpassed trouble resolution and account management.

Headquartered in Norcross, GA, Ernest delivers approximately 4,000 accurate and timely invoices to its Clients each month, representing nearly 25,000 unique locations, including:

•Food Service
•Commercial/ Industrial
•Financial Services
•National/Regional Retail Chains
•Higher Education
•Managed Residential

Nationwide Coverage

Ernest is one of an elite few phone companies that provide coverage in all 50 states. More importantly, Ernest is the only phone company that provides service in every territory within every state, including Puerto Rico and Canada! Ernest lives by the motto, “No Line Left Behind”, and expertly handles all your local service needs, regardless of the state, or the market. A sample of Ernest’s Coverage Areas includes:

•Century Tel
•Cincinnati Bell
•Consolidated Communications

Consolidated Billing

Though Nationwide Coverage is important, what makes Ernest unique is the ability to deliver one single bill for all lines served. Easy to promise, very hard to deliver! However, Ernest Clients testify over and over again that the bill they receive, delivered electronically in a customized format, for each and every line they own, is the #1 reason they continue to trust Ernest as their phone company. Ernest Clients can expect their service to:

•Includes Intralata Toll as part of the local service charge
•Includes all feature charges (Remote Call Forwarding and Voicemail are billed separately)
•Block all Casual and Third Party charges
•Offer a nationwide blended rate for all locations
•Itemized List of charges for other services delivered by Ernest, ie Long Distance, Inside Wiring, xDSL, etc.
•Deliver easy to read, timely invoices in multiple formats, PDF, CSV, XLS or paper
•No hidden fees or charges

To take advantage of all that Ernest Communications has to offer .... simply request more information specific to your business needs here:

Ernest Communications Information

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