Monday, June 27, 2011

Need A Video Conferencing Solution?

We recently were asked the following .....

"I need to get a video conferencing solution that offers multiple locations (up to 10), the ability to conference with one another one to one, or one to many. Something like what Skype, Nefsis, and MegaMeeting offer. Any recommendations?"

Here's our response ....

Everyone will have their own opinion obviously based on personal experience for the most part.

I can recommend 1 based on personal experience, industry reviews/ratings, and friend/client testimonies.

I have no reservation recommending AccuConference .... and always do when presented with a question such as yours. AccuConference is very cost effective, offers highly flexible packages you can fit to meet your needs (features and costs), has consistently higher performance compared to industry average, and has great "personal" customer support. They'll have no problem connecting your 10 sites toegteher or one on one.

For more info go to .... AccuConference

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