Wednesday, May 04, 2011

VyprVPN’s CTO Describes Personal VPN Services and Why They are Important

I recently sat down with Golden Frog’s Chief Technology Officer, Phil Molter who has been developing software and applications for the Internet since 1996. Phil is one of the developer’s behind Golden Frog’s VyprVPN solution which providers Internet users a secure connection from any location and any device. VyprVPN in essence is a personal Virtual Private Network (VPN) that offers users additional privacy and security when browsing the Internet, thus protecting their data from deep packet inspection and geo-marketing by keeping the user’s location private, protecting connections from hackers or data sniffers and allows users to bypass restrictions.

There were a number of items we discussed in our interview which helped bring to light a number of questions that not only did I have, but the marketplace have in regards to the VyprVPN solution and the importance of this product to Internet consumers. But before I was able to jump into the solution, I needed to understand what a personal VPN offers that is different from traditional corporate-based VPN’s.

According to Molter, a corporate VPN allows secure access to a private corporate network. Whereas a personal VPN allows secure access from a specific, trusted network such as your home network or computer into a remote location. Molter paints this picture, “think of a trusted area like a castle surrounded by the enemy. With a corporate VPN, the business' sensitive information is behind the castle walls and the corporate VPN allows you, outside the castle, to slip by the enemy undetected to get access to that information while keeping the enemy out.” In this scenario, a corporate VPN protects its data against prey or unwanted visitors by creating encrypted tunnels that transport the data. With a personal VPN, Molter continues, “you're inside the castle, but you want to get out to the world without the enemy detecting you. The VPN allows you to slip out undetected from your castle, safe and secure.” A disguise, if you, will so that the enemy, snipers and other Internet obstacles don’t get in your way or hinder you from accessing information that you need access to.

The fact that a personal VPN can protect a user by hiding their location, encrypting their data and providing a secure connection is very important. However, not everyone knows how vulnerable their data and information really is over the Internet.

We’re careful not to share too much information publicly or provide personal information without security assurances, but what is there that we don’t know – that we’re not told about – lurking behind the Internet than can compromise our data, personal information and make us vulnerable to prey?

In my conversation with Molter, we explore what Internet users should be concerned about, and how ‘public’ the Internet really is, while opening up trying to understand and identify issues that are not as well known to the public.

In my next blog, I will explore and share my conversation with Molter and Golden Frog’s VyprVPN solution, that will help us all understand what we don’t know about the security of our data on the Internet.

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