Monday, December 06, 2010

Is Switching To A Virtual PBX System A Good Idea?

Today there are more hosted PBX companies than ever. The allure to starting these companies is low cost. It used to cost silly money to start a "voip" company but today you can for a few thousand dollars. So be weary of the good deal because the website looks good. There are some reputable carriers!

In the end these are some important questions to ask your potential provider:

1) What kind of redundancy do you have on your voice services on the back end? If that SIP or PRI connection goes down what happens to my calls?

2) What kind of redundancy to you have on your equipment? Redundant servers in different colocations?

3) Will you do a network assessment of my current set up? In other words is my bandwidth sufficient? Are my switches, routers, and cabling, etc sufficient?

4) If I have "no dial tone" will you assume 100% responsibility or do I need to call my internet provider first?

5) If my service stinks what type of "out clause" will you provide? I recommend my clients to ask for a 30-90 day period to make sure you like the service.

6) Do you offer a "down-turn clause" meaning if I need to downsize the # of phones I have I can without penalty.

Ordering a "virtual PBX" can be dangerous if you don't know what to look out for. But if you do negotiate a good product it can be an awesome experience. The flexibility of a good voip system is awesome--having every feature available to you at such a low cost is incredible. I would highly recommend it to some of my customers, but it all depends upon what your needs are.

For help navigating all the questions and concerns you'll encounter ..... take advantage of the free assistance available through Business VoIP Solutions

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Blogger James Waldrop said...

Besides the service of the provider, the top barrier to a successful Hosted PBX deployment is quality of the Internet circuit. This packet loss tool will test an Internet connection over an extended period of time to make sure it is suitable for VoIP.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Virtual PBX Software said...

Hosted PBX has minimum hardware and software requirements making it very cost effective and affordable to use by small and start up business.

7:40 PM  

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