Monday, August 02, 2010

Ethernet is all about location

Getting Ethernet services for your business is all about location. If your business is located in a major metro area, or these days increasingly, even in a "semi metro" area, chances are very good that you can get Ethernet there. Ethernet is a much more cost effective option for bandwidth than going with bonded T1 lines. For example, in most areas, when you start to get into the price range of a 3xT1 or 4xT1, you are usually within spitting distance of the cost of a 10 MB Ethernet circuit.

Many people think that Ethernet means fiber, which is not the case. Ethernet can be deployed over copper as well. Is fiber "faster"? No, which is another common misconception. If Ethernet can be deployed for a location, you will have the same throughput on copper as you do on fiber, and the carrier providing it will provide the same SLA for the circuit. The kicker is that if you need more than 15-20 MB, then copper is not going to cut it for you and fiber is going to be required.

One of the unfortunate things for consumers today is that "ethernet" is simply an industry term that has been almost over-used in the same way that the term "broadband" has almost been over-used. The term "broadband" has been leeched onto by the residential providers as being the "same" as the crappy service they provide for residential customers, whereas "the same" is directly opposite of the truth. In some cases, the term "ethernet" is suffering from the same affliction, where the residential DSL and cable providers are saying they provide Ethernet that is the 'same" as the telecom carriers. Buyer beware, because getting Ethernet from a residential provider is going to get you residential service, which is a SHARED circuit with NO guaranteed bandwidth availability. If they tell you differently, make sure that DEDICATED and GUARANTEED AVAILABILITY 24x7 AT THE QUOTED BANDWIDTH is part and parcel of the contract, with a hefty penalty clause when you find that they really cannot deliver.

What about "business class Ethernet" from the residential providers? Let me just say that while you can put lipstick on a pig..... you know the rest....

Ethernet from a quality carrier gives you exactly that -- quality. You get the same SLA (Service Level Agreement) that you would with a T1 from a quality carrier; ie, 99.99% guaranteed uptime, a DEDICATED circuit, and bandwidth availability guarantee 24x7. If Ethernet is available in your area and you need more than about 5 MB and less than 15-20 MB of bandwidth, you owe it to yourself to check into it because Ethernet is going to be much more cost effective than the same bandwith via bonded T1 or ractional DS3.

If you need it for your business, you can get free quotes for ethernet providers in your location here ....

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