Thursday, June 24, 2010

Apple Or Android: Who Has Better Business Applications?

Apple has roughly 93,000 apps and Google/Android has roughly 23,000. But ... which one has apps that are more useful for the business person?

I don't know how this translates into the availability of better apps ….. but I don't like how "locked down" Apple keeps their products. My brother uses Android on a business phone and has been extremely pleased with it. With Android you can use Google's app marketplace ….. but you also have the option to venture outside of their walled garden. Not something Apple lets you do. This means fewer hurdles if a business wants to develop their own apps.

I can't speak for iPhone apps ….. but I have seen a lot of open source programs that have been ported over to Android. This made my brothers transition over to Android very easy. I also take the number of available apps each platform has with a grain of salt. A lot of those are games or are otherwise not helpful for business use.

Who has the best business apps really depends on what tasks you need to perform. I'd start with making a list of your "must have" apps that are deal breakers if a platform doesn't offer them. If iPhone has it and Android doesn't ….. then you have your personal answer. If they both have it then check out the online reviews.

For a strictly business use, BlackBerry is still a better choice over both iPhone an Android. Key reasons ….. security & central device management.

In terms of apps, being the major business mobile platform in the US for several years already, BlackBerry is supported by all major business apps. And when it comes to mobile business apps, the number of apps in app stores is less important than the long-term support of major ERP/CRM/UC/etc vendors.

Both iPhone and Android currently lag business features like …..

1) Exchange integration
2) VPN
3) Desktop syncing.
4) Enterprise Applications
5) Conferencing
6) Device Networking

My recommendation would be to get a Blackberry as it supports all these above features. Hence, for your requirement if these features are important then you would have to think about the Blackberry phones first.

To get yourself a Blackberry .... usually free with a service sign-up ... and including unadvertised special deals .... look over what is listed here:

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Use the tools they have there to search and compare what kinds of deals you can get from the various providers. You should be pleasantly surprised.

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