Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Introducing CLEAR 4G WiMax

We are excited to reommend an innovative wireless product ..... CLEAR 4G WiMax! Just like cellular phones revolutionized the way we communicate, and put a virtual end to the switched long distance market, CLEAR 4G WiMax will do the same thing for residential high-speed internet.

The evolution of residential broadband looks something like this .....

1995-2000 : Dial-up Internet (24K - 56K) [Cost: $19.95/month]

2000-2005 : High-Speed DSL (512K - 2MB) [Cost: $29.95/month]

2005-2010 : Fios / Cable (2MB - 8MB) [Cost: $39.95/month]

2010 : 4G WiMax (2MB - 8MB) [Cost: $29/month]

Unlike ALL of its predecesors, 4G WiMax is *wireless*, and covers an entire metro area. 4G WiMax is taking the place of the lower frequency television spectrum and can travel further, go through buildings - just like your old television signal used to. CLEAR offers plans that (if you live in one of the CLEAR markets) allow you to share your PC, laptop, and other mobile devices on one account. Add unlimited voice (local and domestic long distance) to your CLEAR account for just $25.

No more having to buy DSL, local phone line, switched long distance, and 3G wireless internet for the road. Just one account with CLEAR and you get all of these things, in one neat package. And, the best part about CLEAR, you don't have to worry about being too many feet away from the DSLAM, or on the wrong side of town for cable/fios. CLEAR's powerful signal covers 99% of all of the residents in the markets where CLEAR 4G WiMax is available!

As of today, CLEAR's 4G WiMax markets are ......

- Abilene, Texas - Amarillo, Texas - Austin, Texas - Corpus Christi, Texas - Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas - Houston (Coming Soon!) - Killeen, Texas - Lubbock, Texas - Midland/Odessa, Texas - San Antonio, Texas - Wichita Falls, Texas - Waco, Texas - Chicago, Illinois - Atlanta, Georgia - Milledgeville, Georgia - Boise, Idaho - Charlotte, North Carolina - Greensboro, North Carolina - Raleigh, North Carolina - Honolulu, Hawaii - Maui, Hawaii - Las Vegas, Nevada - Portland, Oregon - Salem, Oregon - Philadelphia,Pennsylvania - Bellingham, Washington - Everett, Washington -
Kitsap, Washington - Tacoma, Washington - Seattle, Washington

To learn more about CLEAR go to:

4G WiMax

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