Monday, November 30, 2009

Telarus And XO Communications Event In Salt Lake City

The XO/Telarus Partner for Success Luncheon held on October 29 was tremendous. All of the major agents and VARs in the Salt Lake area were there, in one room, to hear from: Richard Gannon (Channel Manager of XO), Tom Gorey (National Sales Manager of XO), Paul Skolmoski (Senior Sales Engineer of SLC or XO), and Adam Edwards (President of Telarus). We learned that XO has more outbound IP traffic from Salt Lake City than any other carrier. We also learned that XO has more lit buildings in Salt Lake than any other carrier. It was clear to everyone in the room that:

1) if you do carrier business in Utah, you've got to have XO in your arsenal

2) Telarus makes quoting XO a snap

Some of the people who came already sold for XO through another master or through direct contracts, but that didn't stop us from offering them a better alternative. XO even went so far as to recommend to some of their direct agents that they join forces with Telarus ASAP.

To top off the 1-hour meeting (a new record for brevity), Phil Chandler, Local Channel Manager of SLC for XO, offered 2 Row-3 VIP tickets to the Jazz game to the first new agent who joins Telarus and submits an order for XO. The palm pilots came out and the new guys buzzed with activity. Those tickets were almost as popular as the 55" LCD TV that we raffled off to one lucky agent! (He was shaking he was so happy!!!)

I really look forward to more "in market" mini-trade shows. If you'd like us to come to your town, let us know. We're actively planning our 2010 calendar now!

If you'd like to learn more about becoming a Telarus Agent or VAR go to:

Telarus Agent Program

Or ......

Telarus VAR Partner Program


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