Friday, April 10, 2009

What Is The Best Connection Configuration (Bandwidth Solution) For A New Voice/Data Network?

This is by no means meant to be an all inclusive answer .... but will at least point you in the right direction for the best bandwidth solution for your network.

If you are in a local metro area where providers can service your building with ethernet service to all your offices .... that may be cheaper than getting a TDM circuit such as DS3 Bandwidth. If they cannot serve all your locations with "on-net" ethernet service .... then perhaps you can look for a DS-3 burstable or tiered pricing plan to save costs and only pay for the bandwidth you will be using on average.

Also look into using MPLS VPN service instead of a dedicated point to point. It is typically a more cost effective solution to establish IP connectivity between "x" number of offices.

Be sure to consider your applications in the decision too ... not just number of users or locations to cover.

For example, say you have large 3D modeling files. If the data transmission is TCP based, then I also suggest to look into some WAN acceleration appliances such as Riverbed, Cisco WAAS, or Juniper WX to take advantage of the pipe (bandwidth) size you have. This will also cache commonly transmitted bits to save bandwidth costs .... and utilize your WAN circuits efficiently ..... while improving end-user application performance over the WAN since those appliances simulate LAN performance with the built-in algorithms.

Network latency over microwave isn't all that great if you are over 8+ miles. I do NOT recommend it. Though it provides the necessary bandwidth most of the time... it just isn't as fast as fiber or electrical signals. But that is probably a better backup/redundancy solution than DSL since it provides more bandwidth. If the WAN acceleration appliances are in there .... and you were to failover to Microwave .... it will at least try to compensate for the excess latency to that. The end-user performance wouldn't be horrible, perhaps just acceptable instead of optimal. End users are spoiled after using WAN acceleration!

If you would like some help navigating through all the decision you need to make .... you can get assistance to find the best solution fit for your specific situaution here: Bandwidth Solution

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you are concerned about latency in your microwave systems then I suggest a synchronous radio. e.g. the LongHaul. We tested and it held a fixed latency of less than 6 milliseconds at over 40 miles.

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