Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why Is MPLS A Good Choice For A Network Solution (WAN)?

MPLS stands for Multi-Protocol Layer Switching. There are many benefits to using MPLS as the structure of your WAN (Wide Area network). Only a few will be mentioned here as appropriate for incorporation into a bandwidth solution .... those you may not be aware of.

Note: most MPLS networks are designed with a T1 backbone .... but some may also use DS3 bandwidth.

For example some of the benefits of MPLS are that the carriers take on the responsibility of sizing their network as they are 100% responsible. If for say you are asking for 2.048 using G.703 as the physical .... if you purchased MPLS, then however many locations you integrate into your WAN would all have the same port and customer ID based usually on a pin or account number.

The beauty of this can be illustrated with this scenario .... you have an office in Miami, and 1 in New York, and 1 in Los Angeles.

First of all MPLS can cut your regular phone bill by almost 80% ....

And two, instead of the traditional hub and spoke, if you need to send data from Miami to Los Angeles .... with MPLS the data will go from the customer router, directly to the ONS switches ATT uses in it's core. They rely on over 100 years of experience and never design their network any higher then 40% of the total bandwidth for the pipe.

The biggest difference? Is that MPLS is on a private network where no virusus can get at you.

For help in designing the right MPLS network to meet all your business requirements .... at no cost to you .... I recommend submiting a support request via MPLS Network Solution

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