Friday, January 09, 2009

DSL, Cable, & Satellite Internet Deals In Your Area

This is pretty cool .... an online real time price shopping tool that finds you the best deals for residential high speed internet (DSL, Cable, & Satellite Internet). It can be used for small businesses too.

You are seconds away from finding the best High Speed Internet Service Provider in your neighborhood. Simply shop & compare from providers like Earthlink, Adelphia, BellSouth, Charter, Direcway, RoadRunner, Mediacom, SBC, Sprint, Verizon,, & many more.

Simply enter a few bits of information on the location to search .... and you'll get real-time unbiased DSL, Cable, & Satellite rate quotes including specials. You can even select the provider & price plans that interest you and order right then. Convenient and comprehensive.

To try it out go here: High Speed Internet


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