Friday, September 05, 2008

OC3 Bandwidth VS Business Ethernet For Your Network Infrastructure

Choices, choices .... do you pick OC3 Bandwidth or business ethernet to power your business network infrastructure?

I am actually quite surprised to see how widespread SONET networks still are after 20 years. SONET networks have the following advantages over all packet networks ....

1) Protection: Restoration of services after the detection of a fault is done within 60 mS. All packet networks can do this as well, if an RPR architecture is implemented. Restoration capability in SONET networks comes at a cost; 50% of your bandwidth is sitting idle. RPR reuses the spare bandwidth resulting in 100% network utilization.

2) Network Management: SONET systems have much evolved and hence powerful feature sets in their vendor provided NMS's.

3) Performance Monitoring is also more evolved in SONET systems and facilitates troubleshooting greatly.

4) Synchronization: Back haul applications like cell tower requiring accurate synchronization currently have less issues deriving clock from SONET networks than they do from Ethernet based networks. Timing solutions like IEEE 1588 exist for Ethernet networks and are evolving to address outstanding issues.

Despite the fact that OC3 equipment is very cheap, I would implement any new infrastructure using all packet technology. The scalability can be done on the fly in fine (1 Mb/s) and coarse increments (10, 100 Mb/s). Unlike TDM or SONET networks where you are stuck with T1, DS3, OC3 and OC12 increments, etc. Ethernet technology is ubiquitous and is the way of the future.

However, while Ethernet is a great alternative for many of today's networks, there is still a strong marketplace for OC-3 services, particularly when you look at the price of an OC-3 compared to 2, 5 or even 10 years ago. Also, unless there is a dramatic requirement for migrating to all Ethernet based services, existing OC-3s retain money already spent on infrastructure hardware and it is still relatively easy to troubleshoot. For newer networks, let your applications and services drive your requirements for Ethernet based services, at which point it comes down to cost versus functionality.....

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