Wednesday, May 07, 2008

T1 Or DS3 Bandwidth .... Which Should Your Business Choose?

When deciding whether your business should choose T1 Or DS3 Bandwidth ....

The real answer is: It depends

1. It depends on your location and what other alternatives you have including the cost

2. It depends on the business need and the SLA requirements in terms of latency, scalability, service availability, etc.

Depending on the need, there are more and more solutions out there which you can choose or blend to come up with the best fit to meet your needs. I would not look at the world only in terms of T1 and DS3. Consider 3G, FIOS, cable, DSL, ethernet, etc...

Think about what your needs are and maybe pose a more specific question including what you are trying to accomplish, where, and at what budget. Then use this website to ask for a free RFQ (Request For Quote): Bandwidth Solution

For Example .... you'll need to have a good handle on the following to make a smart decision :

* Is the purpose to run video, VoIP or some other real-time application?
* What is acceptable latency?
* Is the application/service mission critical?
* What access alternatives are offered in your area?
* How much are they and what is your budget?
* What are future business needs that this solution will need to meet?
* Where will the network need to connect to? Is it DIA, point-to-point or MPLS?
* Do you expect high paced future growth? If so plan for expansion into possibly OC3 bandwidth but do NOT go that route yet. It's too soon.

All of these questions (and probably more) need to be considered when providing an answer otherwise you will inevitably come up short.

For example an enterprise may find it sufficient to use DSL bandwidth if it is only for cafeteria internet access, while a small business may not be able to afford to use a DSL for mission-critical access to its hosted PBX and systems. It really depends.


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