Friday, October 26, 2007

Telarus Offers Top Telecom Equipment, Networking, And Wiring VAR Opportunity

In 2005, Telarus set out to create a program that provided actual value to VARs of equipment leads, networking leads, wiring leads, and MACs. In addition to the actual core business leads, Telarus also set out to create software that the carrier sales divisions of many solution providers could use to work with greater speed and effectiveness.

These ideas are so revolutionary that the Telarus VAR Program is turning heads in the industry. No one has ever successfully created a program like the Telarus VAR Program. Never before has a company been able to bring together a cohesive network of business opportunities involving BOTH equipment leads and telecom service leads.

As VARs turn over their T1, DS3, MPLS, VoIP, VPN, Ethernet, Private Line, and OCX requests to Telarus, they focus more and more of their daily equipment prospects back to them. The program is truly and WIN-WIN for everyone!

After all, knowing the industry, the products, and the many carriers is their niche. Telarus can help your customers find what they need at the best prices possible, as well as supporting your customers' telecom needs for the life of the accounts. Billing inaccuracies, new service paperwork, installation delays, outages - Telarus is the expert in dealing with all of these issues, taking that headache off your plate!

.....What You Get.....

As a Telarus VAR partner you get all of the following tools you need to manage your organization:

* Full access to the VAR Network Reporting System (VAR Back Office)
* Warm equipment and service leads from VARSearch
* Dedicated agent to support your telecom business
* Monthly training calls
* Private-labelled marketing sites
* Add GeoQuote real-time pricing to your web site using our XML plug-in
* Access to 30 carrier contracts, including AT&T and Qwest
* Internal Telarus carrier support
* Residual commission and on all carrier contracts*
* 100% SPIFF pass-through*
* Transfer existing book to our stable contracts
* Payments from Telarus via Electronic Funds Transfer

Over 2,200 VARs nationwide currently rely on Telarus as a telecom partner .... and I recommend that you do too.

If you are interested in speaking to Telarus about their VAR Program, simply start by visiting their website at Telarus ..... or you can register now online at VAR Network


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