Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Packet8 Enhances Freedom Unlimited Plan

Packet8 recently announced the addition of 8 countries to their Freedom Unlimited Plan .... at no additional cost to new and existing customers who are already on the $24.99/month Freedom Unlimited Plan. The $24.99 Freedom Unlimited Plan will now include unlimited calling to the following countries:

Puerto Rico
US Virgin Islands
United Kingdom

Customers who are already signed up under the $24.99/month Freedom Unlimited Plan will not need to upgrade their plans to receive the additional 8 countries.

For existing Customers with the $19.99 or $21.99 plans...

Those customers who are on lower priced plans (i.e. grandfathered at $19.99 or $21.99) will NOT automatically be given the 8 additional countries, but will need to contact Customer Support to upgrade their existing plan or simply follow the instructions below:

1. Log into their online Packet8 account.

2. Click on their Account Number (P8R000.....).

3. At the “Products” section of the account page there is a Packet8 Equipment line and a Service Plan line. Click the “Upgrade” link associated with the Service Plan.

4. The Freedom Unlimited Plan priced at $24.99 will be available to choose. Click “Join Now”

5. Customers will be taken back to their account page and an announcement of “Upgrade is Successful” will display to confirm the upgrade.

Existing customers needing further assistance can call Packet8 tech support at 1-888-898-8733.

For more information .... or to open a new Packet8 Freedom Unlimited Plan .... simply visit this website:

Packet8 Freedom Unlimited Plan


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