Friday, August 03, 2007

T1 Bandwidth Is No Longer Enough For Business Network Infrastructure.

Not long ago it used to be that most businesses....even larger ones....were content with running their networks on T1 circuits. But no longer. Now everyone is squeezed for throughput..... as the desire AND need for more online applications grows with the emphasis to improve productivity (and thus the businesses "bottom line"). You can't "make more money"....more efficiently and effectively....if your network can't keep up.

Now keep this in mind........

Your infrastructure is only as fast as its slowest component, whether a CPU crunching numbers, disk access, memory access, or fetching other resources to process over a WAN. Imagine a web page crammed full of information that is drawn on from many sources, required as a part of a business process (think a CRM or data analysis solution that draws from many disparate data feeds.) 100Mbit to the desktop doesn't help if the application is still waiting on a feed over a 128kbit frame relay line.

That said most IT shops are moving to a model with a highly controlled desktop; software like Altiris, WSUS, and the like are used to push and manage patches and policies. SOX and other regulatory measures pushes users to store their e-mail and work products on centralized file servers. As product includes more and more rich content, that's more data, and more data needs more bandwidth to the servers to keep employee efficiency up.

How are you going to stay ahead of the game?

Here's a simple suggestion to save you time, effort, and money....and make the decision process more efficient and effective.

Utilize the free consultative services at The experts at DS3-Bandwidth will walk you through step by step to determine exactly what you'll need to meet your application(s) throughput loading. They'll examine every component of your network, application, and business needs to determine the RIGHT fit for you. No less. What makes business sense for YOU is exactly what they'll deliver.

You'll automatically receive instant real time rate quote info via email (1st cut preliminary assessment)....comparing multiple Tier 1 providers available for the specific location designated (sorry, US locations only). They'll follow that up immediately with more unbiased indepth research based on your detailed comments.

They'll be in intimate contact with you to discuss the details, decide the best configuration, confirm the best pricing, and assist with the acquisition process. They'll negotiate on your behalf, do the paperwork, monitor provisioning and installation, and even run interference for you with your chosen provider for the life of the contract.

The services are free....and they guarantee their efforts.

It may look overwhelming.....but it doesn't need to be.

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