Monday, July 16, 2007

FiOS Installation Tips

First and foremost let me say that I do NOT, directly or indirectly, speak for Verizon or ANY other internet service provider. The suggestions offered below are from a composite of discussions.....and should only be taken as helpful hints to maximize your installation experience for FiOS or whatever high speed internet you've chosen. This is non-techie....on purpose. Read on and you'll see what I mean....

1) Technicians call ahead before their arrival. It is helpful if you answer the phone! Sounds simple right? For some maybe, but for others this seems to be a real challenge.

2) Contain your excitement when they arrive by NOT going out to meet them at their truck. Often there is some paperwork that needs to be filled out, and components to be gathered. Nothing gets you off on the wrong foot faster than interrupting someone trying to get things together with "are you here to install my FiOS?". Trust me that nobody is trying to make you wait any longer than you absolutely have to.

3) Trying to give a Gratuity before work begins is not sincere appreciation but rather an attempt at a bribe. Trust me that the technician knows how important this is to you and MOST will do everything in their power to make it the best it can be for you. The installers are generally high end and the most experienced technicians from a given garage.

4) Plan ahead! There is going to be a new router put in by your computer and CAT 5e wire run from the ONT to a data jack next to your computer. Please clean up around your computer. NOTHING is worse than working in an area so covered in dust bunnies that you know that nobody has vaccuumed for a while. Also FiOS requires electricity. Look around close to where your existing phone box (NID) is located and see if there is an outlet somewhere close to it. This is where the tech is most likely to mount your new ONT. Once you find the outlet, make sure the technician has easy access to it without having to clean anything off. If the outlet is already occupied with your washer and dryer, then invest the five bucks for a power strip. It is also a good idea to prep your computer for the new service by dumping temp internet files and defragging before the tech arrives so that it is running at its peak performance.

5) During the installation. Most techs I know do NOT care if you stand over their shoulder or choose to go do something else while they work. Try to pick one and stick with it. If you choose to go elesewhere make sure you are readily available in case there is a question for you. If you choose to stay with the technician, silence is golden. Questions are fine, but should be asked BEFORE the work commences. Of course you may think of one as you are going along and that is fine. What drives techs to drink is when they are peppered with a never-ending stream of inane questions while they are trying to work. The work is in some places requires meticulous attention to details that just cannot be properly given if you interrupt the work by asking if this service is really faster than the local cable company. Also if you stay with the technician, be helpful. Often times the tech can use a paper towel or something cold to drink (esp. if he has been at it a while or its an especially difficult wire run). Use your best judgment on this one, but dont be afraid to offer a drink or a rag or whatever if you think it will help. Even if he does not take you up on it, the tech will be grateful that you had the prescence of mind to offer.

6) Don't panic if everything doesn't click on the first shot. Test everything before the technician leaves and know that if something isnt just the way you want it, then it can be made that way. One call to the Fiber Solutions Center fixes 99 % of the problems on the first shot.

The general moral of the story here is be prepared...stay out of the way...and treat the technician/installer with some humanity and common sense. These folks are the best and deservedly so. On the other hand....customer service, tech support, etc. is bound to give you ulcers. How you treat them is up to you. ;)

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