Thursday, April 05, 2007

What Is The Best Cell Phone Today??

What is the best cell phone today? The answer to that question may surprise you. Here it is.....None!

With all the choices of styles, models, design, options, gee whiz features, and calling plans in the market today.....there really is no 1 "best cell phone" for everyone. Throw in the multiple cell phone providers to pick from and any search can make you dizzy.

Also take into account the constantly evolving state of the cell phone industry itself and you'll quickly understand how impossible a simple answer really is. any given time there is a "best cell phone" for you. The trick is doing your homework and really researching what is out there....and from that deciding what is the best fit for YOU and YOUR needs, wants, applications, and price range.

Although that may appear to be a mind numbing task it doesn't have to be.

Here's a neat little tool which will search and compare available cell phones and providers by area for you (USA only)....covering every item you may be interested in.

Cell Phone Finder

Besides standard cell phones this tool also covers other wireless devices such as the popular Blackberry.....and even includes a section on cell phone accessories.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry for the long response but: The best phone I have used so far is the Nokia 6275i. This phone is ready for internet, text and picture mail, blue tooth and infa-red communication, FM Radio, head-set, speakerphone and is able to use a memory card, it also has an outstanding durability factor. I have owned mine for about a year roughly, and have had no problems! This poor phone of mine has seen it ALL! Repeated (at least 20 times) droppings onto every surface from concrete to carpet; being way too cold, and/or hot; even being submerged briefly into liquid! I have dropped this phone out of my lap while getting out of my car onto the pavement at least 10 times, I have left it in my car during winter and summer, and once I even dipped it half way into a cup of "jungle juice" where my phone holder usually is, in my cars console. It takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Also, I have bought separately a micro SD card which has allowed me to make my own ringtones (a HUGE money waster & P.I.T.A.) take numerous pics and videos and hasn't left me wanting for more features EVER! Along with normal features such as contact storage and schedulers it also has two calculators, a currency converter, World Clock, Google Maps, GMail, a 2MP camera w/flash, sound and video recorders just to name a few! Some of these features may be only available with my CSP which is Cricket, but most if not all will work on any network! If this doesn't meet most of your needs then I don't know what will.

4:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me contracts r for bues. Cost of bues. If you travel alot verizon or att. If u r a city dweller all providers have a unlimited pay as you go even if they dont tell u. Ask n shop. Anyware from 35.00 n up. Do your research. I got a phone smart with unlimited everything plus all the music i want. I download for free. Up to 1500 somgs n comedy. I pay 50.00 a month. Works for me.

11:09 PM  

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