Thursday, February 08, 2007

What Bandwidth Solution Is Right For YOUR Business Application(s)....T1, DS3, Or OC3??

Internet T1

Internet T1 is the standard for businesses seeking mission critical Internet connectivity. Providing up to 1.54 MBps of dedicated bandwidth, it is able to handle the demands of users operating in an increasingly data-centric world.

Target Users:

- Small-Mid Size Companies
- Application Service Providers
- Growing/Startup ISP’s

Internet DS-3

DS-3 circuits provide businesses and ISP’s with up to 45MBps of dedicated Internet connectivity. This is an ideal solution for users who have outgrown their T1 connections and are in search of unlimited, high-capacity access.

Target Users:

- Growing/Mid Size ISP’s
- Mid-Large Enterprises
- Application Service Providers

Internet OC-3 - OC-192

Optical Carrier lines provide content providers, ASP’s/ISP’s and large enterprises with up to 622Mbps of dedicated Internet connectivity. An ideal solution for high end bandwidth users where connectivity is essential for operations.

Target Users:

- Large ISP’s/Enterprises
- Application Service Providers
- Content Providers

For assistance in finding just the right solution for your T1, DS3, or OC3 bandwidth application(s)....comparing multiple providers available in your specific area....we highly recommend the no cost consulting services from: "Bandwidth Solution"

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