Thursday, December 07, 2006

Which Cisco Router, Switch, VPN, Firewall, etc. Is Right For Your Situation?

Often people who ask questions of this nature have a limited knowledge of networking and/or the equipment involved and they don't know how or where to look for assistance. Some seek network consultants to help with determining requirements while individuals or smaller companies may avoid this choice due to financial constraints.

Cisco offers a broad spectrum of products and solutions for all networking situations. They can fulfill the networking needs of a home users or SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) network, up to and including requirements of major corporations, ISPs, and bandwidth carriers/providers. In fact, Cisco dominates the network equipment market worldwide.

Fortunately, Cisco provides tools to help determine what products and solutions will best help you meet your specific network requirements.

Here is the link for small business:

Cisco Small Business Solutions

Here is the link to a general solution tool that applies to all organizations:

Cisco Network Design Solutions

Here's the link to a resource for finding Cisco dealers, installers, and consultants in your area: Cisco VAR Resource

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