Monday, September 18, 2006

Testing IP Video And Other Video Conferencing Tips

Want to learn more about quality for interactive IP Video applications like video on demand, videoconferencing, IPTV, gaming, and videotelephony?

Well....if you believe IP Video quality matters....then I suggest you test your system with

Internet-based video applications....such as video telephony, conferencing, interactive gaming, broadcast video, chat, and video on demand.....are prone to similar kinds of performance problems as VoIP. If you're considering signing up for any of these services or have a problem now - take a minute to try initiates a video transaction from wherever you are to one of their U.S. or international test locations and calculates your VQI™ (Video Quality Index). It will take about 30 seconds if you have Java installed, and it's free. is provided as a complimentary service by Brix Networks, a leading provider of performance management solutions for video and VoIP networks and applications.

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Great post, VOIP is the demand of current era, many small and mid size companies using this services to reduce their cost.

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