Monday, December 12, 2005

BellSouth and Packet8 Partner On New Residential Service

Now this is smart.....VERY smart.

Bellsouth just announced it is jumping into the fray with other large local carriers to offer home VoIP services to their customers.....via a strategic alliance with Packet8, a provider of voice and video broadband phone services. For $20 a month, BellSouth subscribers can order the new service, which features voice mail, caller ID, unlimited free phone calls to anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, and cheaper overseas calls.

Seems BellSouth chose Packet8 after testing other VoIP providers....speaks pretty well of Packet8 I'd say. After this news broke Packet8's stock value shot up...and is still rising. This whole arrangement doesn't bode well for their competitors like Vonnage.

This is no small blip on the VoIP screen. An alliance like this between one of the Baby Bell's and Packet8 is likely causing convulsions in Vonnage headquarters. The writing is on the wall so to speak.

BellSouth has already rolled out the Packet8 service in Florida, and in coming weeks the company will begin to release it to the other areas it serves. To set up 8x8's service, a BellSouth subscriber must order the equipment needed that enables the service to work on whatever high-speed connection the user has. Under the agreement, BellSouth will handle marketing while 8x8 will oversee customer service, fulfillment and billing.

If you're a SBC customer...or reside in their can see what you could be getting (and order if you like) by visiting this link: Packet8


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