Monday, October 24, 2005

Broadband Subscriber Growth Slows

According to a recent study by Kagan Research....broadband subscriber growth has started to slow during 2005. The research firm forecasts that there will be 9.3 million net new broadband subscribers in 2005, which is down from the 9.5 million in 2004. They expect that figure to drop off to 8.1 million net new users during 2006 with continued decreases thereafter. Kagan Research estimates 45.2 million total broadband subscribers by the end of 2005, and 29.6 million dial-up users.

There's a nice little discussion on this trend going on at The prevailing suggestions for why we're seeing this downward trend are cost and availability. For many broadband seems too costly to obtain outside of metropolitan areas...or just plain isn't available at all. I suggest you truck on over to the discussion and add your 2 bits to the debate.


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