Tuesday, September 13, 2005

It’s Official: eBay Owns Skype

All I can say is, told ya!

$2.6 billion purchase price in stock and cash. Dang...somebody just made a killing!

Now, there's still lots of questions and speculation as to just what eBay will do with Skype. Ted Wallingford of the The VoIPWebLog has some interesting ideas about this. Complete with "gee whiz's" and "uh oh's". Check out what Ted has to say.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

broadband communication is the future, one bill for cable, internet and phone. Consumers will have more money to save and invest. The service sector of the economy will flourish when folks can have more money for services and vacations. We are entering another revolutionary time just like the apple 2e did in the early 80's and by the mid 80's WYSIWYG took it to another level. It is going to be awesome once a company decides to be a full provider of phone, tv, and internet. What is the hold up?

4:07 PM  

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