Monday, June 13, 2005

Cheaper DSL Coming????

Don't hold your breath kiddies.

Although it looks like DSL providers are firing initial salvos for the begining of a price war....they still hold all the cards while consumers have an empty hand. Read the small print and you'll see what I mean.

SBC's one year introductory $15 DSL deal is attracting ooh's and ahhh's.....and Verizon is coming out with a $20 price point though only for 3 months, as part of packages. Therein lies the kicker. You may see some lower prices here and there....but ONLY as part of a package of calling services or in an Annual Plan. That doesn't look like any big savings deal to me. Pay a lot for a lot just to save a liitle for a little. Geeez.

Verizon chief Ivan Seidenberg said during the SuperComm trade show last week that he failed to see the need for price-reductions (since they're already cheaper than cable). Wow.....thanks Ivan ol' buddy.


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